Q. How to join Origrace community, and get 30%off discount? 
A: Click the pop up tab in our site , enter your email, a discount code email will send you instantly!  or contact us via info@origrace.cn, we will send you code manually,  there will be more discount and coupons updated to your mail! 

Q.where are my packages sent from? 
A: mainly from China, US , Germany, UK, Spain, will be indicated in the listing! or you can ask us case by case! 

Q.What about taxes?

  1.  if the package sent from another country, yes there will be taxes(amount depends on value and policy in your country)
  2.  if the package sent from your country, there will be no taxes( we paid already) 
Q. what if I am not satisfied with the products?
A: For our members all products backed by Origrace, one year quality guaranteed, you can free return it anytime, our support team will be handle it anytime, support@origrace.cn

Q. does Origrace offer B2B wholesale service? 
 yes, feel free to contact our sales, aaron@origrace.cn

Q. will be member charges if i signed up? 
No, free sign up for now;   will get 30% off for your first order, plus free shipping! 

Q. when can i expect the delivery of my products?
once you confirmed order, your packages will be sent in 2-3days! 


Q. how do i track my orders?

An email with the tracking number will be sent once the order has been dispatched from our warehouse

Welcome to be our members!