It all starts for an intentions to share experience of how to live with our dogs, very soon made a lots of new friends  who also raising a dogs or cat,  we talk and share  interesting things about our pets, all of us learned a lots, how to train, what pets accesorries better ,which pet's store sell cheaper ;   we starting to notice  that there is no connect between factory and our pets,  question being asked: 
  •  does the factory design the products thoughtfully?
  • does the designer care about  our pets?
  • designed to comforts for our pets?  
  • healthy for our pets? 
  •  does our pets really liked it?   
 The thing is we are not able find out,  what we can do is build a community,  invite more pets lovers to share experiences, test and improve,  no more  garbage products exist!   to help and supports those who has difficulty raising a pets properly!  our dream is no stray dogs,cats on the street! 
We do things different!
 we promise all accessories we sell is experienced, good reviews received from our community, we design it by the understanding of our community's experience!  .keep upgrade! 
Community Benefits
1.  Welcome coupons , 30%off for first order !
2. Free testing products time to time! 
3. Free returns,  One year global warranty
3. Help us to improve,  share us your experience and advice, we will do better! 
4. To help and supports those who has difficulty raising a pets properly!
we’d like to thank everyone who has supported the brand and been a part of our community. your feedback are central to our operation, and it is with you in mind that we aim to be the best at what we do. If there is ever anything you would like to discuss, please email us
Welcome to be our members!